Individual Consultation

Ben Rustman

Senior Loan Officer NMLS: 1452898

Lead by faith, supported by family, and fueled by funding. Striving to provide exceptional customer service and financing options for my clients since 2015.

Individual Consultation

With a degree in Economics from the University of Illinois paired with an Illinois residency for 25+ years, Ben is well equipped with the institutional and local knowledge of Illinois Real Estate. He is determined to provide his clients with efficient service, open lines of communication, and an overall experience that will make you a lifetime client of Haus Mortgage. Ben is self-driven individual with a wide variety of interests pertaining to economic theory and application. The fast paced nature of the consumer and financial industries cater to his ability to think quickly, critically, and efficiently. The financial industry does not dull his personable approach to consultations as Ben values getting to know his clients, working tirelessly to understand the true nature of their goals and only then constructing the best move forward.

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