Individual Consultation

Marlene Manzo-Shkodrova

Senior Loan Officer NMLS: 964491

From start to finish, I’ll be your Sherpa that leads you down the path to your dream home with full transparency and timely communication.

Individual Consultation

Marlene is motivated, dedicated, and extremely driven. If you don’t believe us - just look at her track record. Marlene has had an interest in the real estate industry since she was young. From a young age, she has made a concerted effort to learn more and more about the industry every day. As a child, she had to learn business and real estate lingo to translate for her parents, and from there,  her career blossomed. She became a Real Estate Leasing Agent when she was a Senior in High School and later transitioned into the mortgage side of real estate. She has over 15 years of experience as a loan officer, and is dedicated to helping her clients fulfill their dreams of buying, refinancing and insuring their assets. Marlene treats each and every one of her clients with the care and dedication she would want from her own personal loan officer - she takes careful consideration to what her clients want and need, and does her best to ensure that the goals they set are attainable.

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